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    Winemaker's Opus
    The creative winemaker yearns for the perfect red blend. But it must be a special contract with nature. No artifices. No clever unnatural manipulation. Simply a partnership for perfection.
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    Private Reserve
    Art of the Vineyard 2012 Continuous the tradition of Chardonnay not overwhelmed by oak... clean Chardonnay standing on its own, perfect for savory interplay with food from the natural garden.
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    Marian's Dream
    Chardonnay Marian's Vineyard, Marian's Dream You soon will be dreaming of this Chardonnay too. It is sensuous and sublime and serene. The wine is the landscape.
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    Red, Red Wine
    A free and honest wine. Nothing added, nothing taken away. This is the winemaker in his vineyard studio creating a work of art. You will find it framed in the bottle.

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Portrait of Marian by Gary Conway
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of his art

winemaker's opus  red, red wine  Cabernet Sauvignon 50% Merlot 50%
Winemaker’s Opus is a supreme red blend, with special vineyard focus and flair, and cannot be reproduced anywhere else in the world. Why? The wine draws upon rare, ungrafted, non-GMO, 30-year old natural wine grapes in small, varying sections of a mountain property considered by leading university experts the perfect vineyard with a list of attributes that has no equal.  Pure wine, free of chemical manipulation but profuse with nature's inspiration.  alc: 14.9%; 302 cases
art of the vineyard  chardonnay 2 0 1 2

Carmody McKnight Vineyards define our ideal.  We start with the vineyard... the inspiration; beautiful vineyards create beautiful wines... it is nature’s way. The vineyard is the composition created by the composer. The winemaker is our conductor. The music will never be more sublime than the composition... the arrangement of the notes... the dignity of the earth.
The label images derive from paintings by Gary Carmody Conway. Two images that express the divine duality between earth and vine and the grand duet between the enlightened winemaker and mother nature.

Chardonnay farm-crafted  2012, tank fermented with neutral barrels.  Keeping it simple and sublime, but sophisticated
alc. 13.4%  270 cases

marian's dream chardonnay 2012 Private Reserve 

Marian's dream emanated in France travelling as Miss America (she actually went twice which was unprecedented for a Miss America). Still in her late teens and finding herself in the exquisite French countryside, she mused about what it would be like to create wine from her own beautiful vineyard.  It was a question that came about after her brief and initial taste of a lush Montrachet. The moment is still affixed in her memory, and is represented in her dream Chardonnay.  alc. 14.2%; 290 cases
red, red wine a natural wine
From nature's grand palette of the noble trio ~ Cabernet Sauvignon,  Merlot, and Cabernet Franc  
If you like the song, you will love the wine.  The estate grown grapes are own-rooted, ungrafted,and rare in this new world of GMO vines and fast food wine with flavor pretensions.  The wine is created in small lots and sells out quickly.