the legend
  More than forty years ago, Gary and 
  Marian Conway purchased a 19th  
  Century homesteaded ranch west of  
  Paso Robles and six miles from the
  seacoast art colony of Cambria, within 
  the headlands of stunning Big Sur

  Gary first beheld the idyllic beauty of 

  this mountain valley aboard a
  helicopter moments before it crashed. 
  Emerging from the wreckage, Gary  
  dusted himself off and promptly 
  announced to the still stunned real 
  estate broker, "I'm going to buy this 
  This is the stuff of legends.

  the saga
  Indeed, in the ensuing years… this  
  pristine land, now known to lie   

  prominently in the Premium Wine  
  Growing Area of the United States if not

  the world, has evolved into a legendary 
  vineyard.  Legendary is an 
  understatement as the land was
  tectonically formed 26-million years ago
  by three volcanoes emerging in lava fire
  from out of an inland sea.

  bio links
  gary carmody conway

  marian mcknight carmody

  kathleen conway


  the new shangri-la
  In this Big Sur mountain valley we find   
  super soils and wonder soils seen  
  nowhere else on the planet.  The 
  volcano trio, amazingly, exists within 
  the 160-acre property lines, and the
  natural grapes actually grow in the 

  Shades of Shangri-La!

  the science, the studies, link
  Decades of profound studies taking the 
  viticultural and wine world into into 
  new dimensions.
  Listen up!
  30 reasons link
  Why Carmody McKnight is the world's 
  greatest vineyard!  Awe inspirng!


art rules!
From the creativity in the vineyard to the natural winemaking straw bale winery, wine is an art form and we abide passionately to that essential principle.

life-long art work of Gary Conway link
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