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You must experience in person this special place, this renowned vineyard.
And when you learn about the land and its gifts for greatness in the wine... a life-changing event.

All of the wines deriving from the Carmody McKnight Vineyards have earned verification for non-GMO, no added chemicals or flavor by way of the most scientifically stringent validation process. 
It is being learned to what extent chemicals, most toxic, are routinely added to wine and that the public is almost completely unaware.  The consumer has the right to know as this chemical manipulation and dependence, besides affecting the enjoyment and understanding of wine, may also be having a serious  impact on health.  
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What in the world is going on with Carmody McKnight?!
In China Carmody McKnight was received with unprecedented acclaim. 
See the University Speech and the Press Conference Video:
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Beijing Press
Conways Beijing University Speech
  1. Marian and Gary
  2. The Farmer
  3. Marian
  4. Kathleen
  5. The Farmer
  6. Portrait of Marian
  7. Gary and Deanna in Land of the GIants
  8. Gary Conway
  9. Gary
  10. Marian Miss America
  11. Gary and Deanna
  12. Marian winning the marathon
  13. Land of the Giants
  14. Kathleen
  15. Kathleen and Ginzberg
  16. Gareth and the vine
  17. Gary
  18. Marian and Gary when they first planted the vines
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  1. Woman and Sun
  2. Pastel Vineyard
  3. The Cloud
  4. Landscape Red Earth
  5. Vineyard and Trees
  6. Roman by Gary Carmody Conway
  7. Skies and Earth
  8. Bronze Duet
  9. Blue Landscape
  10. Woman in White
  11. Vineyard Skies
  12. Sky
  13. Winter Light
  14. Vineyard Colors
  15. Vision
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  1. December-800
  2. Entrance to Tasting Room
  3. Pioneer House
  4. Vineyard-Rows-600
  5. Merlot and Snow
  6. Oaks and Vineyard
  7. View
  8. Clouds
  9. Looking North
  10. Looking to the West
  11. Composite
  12. Clouds Over the Santa Lucias
  13. Lake and Lawn
the beauty of the vine land
IIf you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. 

The  great non-GMO, non-mutated, non-hybrid vines
at Carmody McKnight

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