Natural beauty.  Classic beauty. 

Savor and admire natural beauty!

"Natural Wine" is the talk of the wine world and almost no one has a clue what it means.  Confused and naive and often deceptive explanations proliferate.  No one seems confused when you say a "natural beauty."   We all understand the term and are intrigued by anyone who possesses it.  We certainly are not attracted to "beauty" that is manipulated, surgically altered, drug and steroid enhanced, and Photoshopped.  We like the real thing.  Natural beauty.  Classic beauty. 

Our Marian McKnight is the perfect example of natural beauty.  There was no confusion in the judges minds when they voted her Miss America. 
There was no confusion in the public's mind.  There was no muddle in the minds of the editors at glo and msn “girl crush.”  Marian was chosen as one of the top 11 Miss Americas of all time for her natural beauty.  Also, Life Magazine on "Miss America’s 90th Anniversary Celebration" selected Marian as one of the "Twelve Hottest Miss Americas."   Hot and natural!
                                                                                             Recent LIfe Magazine with Marian as one
                                                                                               of the "Twelve Hottest Miss Americas."
In the evening of Marian's crowing as Miss America in Atlantic City she only wore a little lipstick, no makeup.  That is natural beauty.
Natural beauty has been the ideal for artists, poets, indeed for all of us in our culture for centuries.  So has natural wine.  Gary Conway's grandfather, Angelo, was not confused about natural winemaking when he made his wine for his family in his cellar in Boston.  No one would have ever imagined that Angelo's natural wine would be better off by adding all sorts of funky chemicals, some downright poisons.  But that is where we are today.  Hundreds of scary chemicals and unnatural GMO wine grapes.  That is not beauty.  It is ugly.
But that is not where Carmody McKnight finds itself.  We are a natural wine, a pure wine without fakery.  Carmody McKnight is a natural beauty!    
Beauty without brains, without innate intelligence, ultimately diminishes the allure and grace of beauty.  Even growing up in a barely middle class, single mother home, in the deep South, Marian was to become her high school valedictorian.  She wasmagna cum laude and straight-A student throughout her entire schooling career!  Marian was able to receive her first full scholarship at South Carolina's renowned Coker College based on intelligence testing.  It was the first of four she would earn.
Marian finished her education at U.C.L.A. on an academic scholarship (one of four she received for special academic achievements including a full scholarship as part of Marian winning the Miss America title).
With Marian as our symbol, we can make the divine connection that creating wine without intelligence and reliance on artificiality ultimately dimimishes its allure.  And while diminshing its allure and the joy of natural flavors... the negative health effects increase substantially.  We dedicate ourselves to Natural Beauty.